No name for this post – sorry!

If you are my friend on Facebook, you know that yesterday (Sunday) morning, while I was all cozy in my house and the rain was all catting and dogging….I was not able to enjoy a nice cup (okay, pot) of coffee.  I didn’t even have the crap coffee that sits in the back of the cabinet that you use when you’re in a bind. So, I decided that I would go to Kroger at lunch today and get the coffee I so desperately need.

Observations during my trip to Kroger at lunch today:
1.  I am still afraid that the cigarette flicked out the window in front of me is somehow going to hit underneath my car in some exact way that will blow my car up.  Has this every happened?  Probably not.  Would it happen to ME?  Probably so.  I’m lucky like that.

2.  If inanimate objects could have puppy dog eyes, it would be those dang Double Stufft Oreos.  I feel like the things were practically begging to be taken home. As I passed them by, I felt sorry for them.  I knew they wanted to go with me.  Then, on the second pass by, they became agitated – almost yelling at me to take them home with me.  I didn’t take them home with me, and sort of feel bad about it.  You know, because it’s their birthday and all.

3.  Going in without a written list is not for me.  Went in with one thing on the mental list – coffee.  Came out with grapes, granola bars and face soap.  No coffee.

4.  If I owned a place that sold fingernail polish, I would pay someone to go by and shake up all the skanky looking polish on a regular basis.  You know which ones I’m talking about – the ones that have separated and look like the oil and water science experiment from Mr. Wizard.


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  1. Tracy Eddy
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 15:24:09

    You speak the truth! Oreo is so sad you left him behind on his birthday…and, I too cringe when I drive over a cigarette that some hippie in front of me just threw out their window. I thought it was just me…you know, that is quirky and crazy enough to believe that my car will burt like a bomb. If you aren’t supposed to talk on your cell while pumping gas for fear of sparking a fire, why oh why is it ok to drive over a lit cigarette…w/ flickering sparks all over the place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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