Super Bowl Belly Fuel

Here we are again, it’s Super Bowl time with a match up between the two best teams in the NFL:  “Um, You Know” and “Yeah Them.”    Clearly, I want my team to win.  What I really want  is hang out with good friends, maybe have a beverage or two, and pretend that my extra DeuceW points are going to be enough for the damage I’m going to do on some Super Bowl grub.    These are a few recipes I may tackle (hahaha) for Super Bowl Sunday.

Everything Soft Pretzels from Foodie with Family.  I have never made pretzels before.  Sure I could just get a box of frozens and sprinkle on some love and pretend, but I’m really interested in seeing if I can do this.  Will be requiring a dough hook though for the Kitchen Aid (one of my favorite presents of all time – thanks, Brother who says he never reads this but probably secretly does and loves it and Sister-in-Law that does!)….because I am not interested in rolling and kneading and whatnot by hand.  Thank you, Bed Bath & Beyond, for sending me countless 20% off coupons.  And for never letting them truly expire.  You’re a gem.

Bacon Appetizers from The Pioneer Woman.  I love these.  I like to make bacon stuff, and this is one of my faves.  Except, I have a variation.  Instead of parm cheese, I use brown sugar.  Salty Sweet, babe-ayy.

Homemade Oreos from Your Cup of Cake.  I have no words for this.  Okay, maybe a few.  I love a double stuffed oreo. This has got to be even better, right?

Balsamic Chicken Drumettes  from Giada on Food Network.  Because what is a football game without wings.  Except when I made this, I used tenders so they were boneless wings instead.  I never feel like I eat wings properly – I always feel like I’m being wasteful.  So, this is my way of helping save the planet of unwanted waste.  I bet if you dip these bad boys in some raynch, they’d be extree tasty.  And, I’m not talking Hidden Valley or bottle ranch.  I’m talking about the kind you get at a pizza joint.  House dressing, if you will.

There you have it.  My possible contributions to Super Bowl Sunday.


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  1. Linsley
    Feb 05, 2012 @ 20:14:57

    I guess my invite was lost in the mail. Damn you, Jim the Mailman, I clearly had too much faith in you.


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