Weekend Observations

#1.  I miss the Hallmark Channel.  Today would have been the ultimate Hallmark Channel Movie marathon day….what with the Harry Potter gloom outside and all.  (Big sigh)….I made the switch from Comcast to AT&T last month.  My one and only negative thing to say about AT&T is that they don’t have the Hallmark Channel.  Other than that, it’s changed my life.  You know, because I have DVR now.  No more planning my week around a tv show (yes, yes I did do that with LOST).  No running for a potty break at commercial.  For that matter, no more commercials if I plan it that way.  It’s definitely changed my life.  And, while I realize Comcast has DVR, I was ready for a change.  It was the right thing to do.

#2.  There’s a possibility that I might be jealous of my dog.  We went for a walk across the Two Rivers Bridge yesterday and everyone we passed told Sophie what a sweet or pretty girl she was.  I mean, I guess it’d be weird for a stranger to tell me  I  was sweet or pretty…..now that I think about it.  I’m sure they were all thinking, “Look at those two.  Both sweet and pretty.”  They just couldn’t tell me that without looking like a stalker.  Yeah, that’s totally it.

#3.  I was driving behind a Soccer Mom with this license plate:  GR8WYF.  I can’t quit wondering if she bought that for herself or if her husband bought it for her.

#4.  I have some sort of complex about books.  I really wanted to buy the last Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book yesterday, but I have some  aesthetic issues with it.  First, I have the first two in paperback.  If I get this last one in hardback, they’re not going to match.  Point in case:  When the 4th Twilight book came out, I wouldn’t buy it until the paperback came out because I had the first three in paperback and wanted all the books to look the same…..on a shelf in a room where no one ever goes. Psycho.  Second, the pages don’t line up on the outside edge.  I can’t buy it.  Those pages have got to be smooth and line up on the outside or I’ll never get over it and enjoy the book.  In fact, I bought The Count of Monte Cristo a few years ago and didn’t realize it had jacked pages until I got home.  I want to read it so badly but I can’t.  Because I have some sort of book binding disorder.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Jack Pal
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 11:24:00

    I totally love you Em. Thanks to your blog, I now know why….


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