Dance Class (AKA Jazzercise)

I am in physical pain.  Here’s the deal.  I have been going to Jazzercise, which I insist on calling “Dance Class” because it sounds cooler, for about a year.¹  You’d think that I would be used to it.  I’m not.  Here’s what happened:

A girl I went to college with is one of the instructors, except she usually teaches the 4 PM class.  I take the 5 PM class.  Um, apparently they have done some switching around and now College Friend is teaching some of the 5 PM classes.  Well, obviously now I can’t take my little “breaks” for water or the bathroom or to retie my shoe, etc…when I’m tired.  Because College Friend has had two babies and doesn’t have to stop for fake shin splints or anything!  And yesterday, she kicked my boo-tay.  So, clearly, I’ve not been giving it my 100% best effort the past year – I mean, after yesterday, I’m thinking I’ve only been doing about 75%. Who knew!?!  College Friend is probably the best instructor there is.  But, I did find myself saying a thank you prayer whenever we would start doing something that made us all (including College Friend) face the wall.  I went ahead and took those opportunities to either not do the moves or half-ass them. I just had to.  I was scared we were going to have to call in an EMT if I didn’t.

I absolutely love having an accountability partner who doesn’t know she’s my accountability partner!  I kind of also love that she wore me out.  I took that opportunity to let myself have a little Nyquil cocktail in preparation of the pain I was sure would come.  Love a Nyquil sleep.  Would drink it every night if I could.  Tastes good, too.

And, I’m going back for more today.

**On a side note – high fives to my Northeast Arkansas friends who are doing the early morning boot camps!**

¹ Why don’t I look like I’ve lost any weight in the last year, you ask?  Because I haven’t.  I like wine and I like chips.  Although, now I’m on a mission.  Next time you see me, I WILL have lost some – I’m serious about this Weight Watchers thang.  Thanks to the Dance Class, I’m pretty healthy, I just need to dismiss a few extra Elbeez from this body.


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