Someone Like You?

Adele.  First of all, you are awesome.  There’s absolutely no denying this.  Second of all, Question.  Where on earth did you find this man, sister?  You want to find someone just like him???  JUST. LIKE. HIM??  Daaaaang, girl! You’re gonna need to start sending those hand me downs over here to the New World.  We want em’¹, mkay?    Because over here, for the most part, we don’t really like our exes² all that much.  Of course there’s the occasional couple who ends up on good terms and remains friends.  I’ve heard of it happening!  For real!!  Uhh ohhh-wait, or is it that I’ve seen it on tv……hmmm…  Anyway, I swear, you Brits get all the good stuff….awesome exes, cool accents, cute little taxis, Cadberry chocolate bar vending machines (yum), William and Kate, SIR SEAN CONNERY (yeah yeah, he’s a Scot.  Potato, Patato)…. to name a few.  We so got robbed.³

I mean, I’m not wishing bad upon old boyfriends, but I’m certainly not trying to hold my breath over the old Memphis bridge just to get a wish and then cash it in on them winning the lottery.  Because THAT would just be silly.

So, should I be wishing that my next boyfriend is good enough that I want to find another one just like him the next go round?  I’m soooo confused!!!!

Maybe Adele was just being facetious.


¹ Except that one from “Rollin’ in the Deep” – you can keep that dude over there in the mother land.

² “ex” – For the purpose of this post, I am defining an ex to be limited to someone from a committed, serious relationship…as a grown up. High school exes just don’t count.  And college ones might not count either….use your own discretion if you would like to include them here.  Totally your call.  But hey, you know what, if you still want to punch a high school ex in the face, go ahead and count them.  If it’ll make you feel better.  However, I will draw the line at junior high.  Sorry, you just can’t count those.

³ I’m only kidding, people.  I’m just like Lee Greenwood, okay – Proud to be an American.  Besides, if I was going to really going to talk about people with a cool accent, it’d be those Irish.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lauren Ryburn
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 10:08:02

    several lols….but my loudest (brandon running from the other room to ask what) was def old memphis bridge! Looking forward to seeing you…can we do friday lunch?


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