The Generic Story

There are just some things that no one should ever buy generic, but there are some things that are actually better because they’re generic.  Let’s discuss.

1.  Tampons.  I don’t think this needs any further discussion.
2.  Q-tips.  It has got to be Q-tip brand.  As you well know if you’ve tried generic, the middle stick part is flimsy.  The feeling that half a Q-tip might break off in your ear is a little unsettling.  With brand name on this one, you know you’re getting a sturdy stick with no worries.
3.  Bleach for your mustache.  Gotta be Sally Hanson.  Side note:  for prom one year, I wanted to bleach my upper lip.  So, I got some face bleach (not Sally H) and applied properly.  Didn’t wait the right amount of time, so I wasn’t satisfied with the result.  5 minutes later, I reapplied.  Still wasn’t happy.  Went to the store and got some wax strips.  Really wasn’t happy after that because I had given myself a damn chemical burn.  3 hours before prom.  I had so much concealer on that night that I couldn’t smile or my burnt up upper lip would crack.  So, listen to me, people….Sally is the way to go.  Unless you’re blessed with no stache hair….in which case, I hate you.

Better than the Real Deal:

1.  Kroger brand Honey Roasted Peanut Butter.  Better than Peter Pan and Jiff.  Trust the girl who can take down a jar of PB in two days (okay, whatever, one).  I know my buduh.
2.  Big K.  Mt. Dew ain’t got nothin’ on some Green Lightning!  I think they’ve changed the name to Citrus Drop, but to me, it’ll always be Green Lightning.  A little Big K Red Cream Soda?  Yes, please.  I think there’s at least one more cup of sugar per can in the Big K drinks.  And, I’m okay with that.
3.  Kroger brand Butterfinger ice cream.  Broke my heart when they changed the name from Butter Zinger to Butterfinger, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the recipe and deliciousness was the same.  So much better than name brand.¹

¹I think I must be hungry as I write this.  I see that every single one of my Better than the Real Deals is some sort of food item.  And, that I love a Kroger.  Unfortunately, my self proclaimed serving sizes of the PB and ice cream aren’t necessarily viewed as “healthy choices” by Weight Watchers, so I haven’t had them as of late.  And, by of late, I mean a week.  I’ve been on the WW since last Thursday and while it’s killing me, it seems to be working.  Talk about some will power – I have an unopened jar of said Kroger PB in my pantry.  UNOPENED, I say!  Man, I’m hungry….


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