I Love You, Mayhem

This guy.  Dean Winters.  Do I have a celebrity crush on him because he’s not mega-movie-star-famous-but-just-a-little-famous-so-he-COULD-be-desperate-enough-to-marry-but-a-commoner-such-as-moi?  Uhhhh, maybe.  It was hard for me to decide out which Allstate commercial to use on this post, but I think this one may be my fave.

He’s out of my age range (per imdb and wikipedia stalking) at 47, but I’d make an exception if he wanted to marry me.  Upon extensive research, I can now share with you the following information:

1.  He is fine as wine.

2.  There was this show in 2010 that I really got hooked on, “Happy Town.”¹ Tragically, it was canceled after a mere 8 episodes.  You know, I was faithful to that show every week and then it just up and left without any notice.  Rude.  Anyway, my boyfriend was in the original pilot, but got sick (see #3) and wasn’t able to play his part for the series when it got picked up.  Instead, Brian Hackett from Wings took over his character.  Sidebar – can we just all agree that Wings was easily one of the best 10 series ever?  Actually, that’s just not debatable.

3.  According to wikipedia (and, we all know everything on there is absolutely 100% true) and Page Six, he got sick from a bacteria infection and then later got the gangrene.  He had to get two toes and half a thumb amputated.  Yowza.  At least he didn’t lose the middle finger digit.

4.  You won’t find him on the Facebook to send him a friend request.  Oh sure, you can “Like” him, but let’s face it, if we’re getting married, he and I are going to have to be true FB friends.

¹ I do not pretend to be a good judge of what is good or bad tv or cinema.  Nobody ever even asks me anymore if I like a movie or a show because they know the answer.  I pretty much like everything.  I realize that obviously, I was only one of about 168 people who liked Happy Town.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lauren Ryburn
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 19:33:16

    I have to be a member to ‘like’? I think I will just start replying with my number of lols.



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